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Carpet in Dumfries VA

carpeting dumfries vaBeing a professional carpet company in Dumfries VA, we can ensure that our customers receive top notch quality in their carpet installations. Home decor begins with the floors in a room. Why? Certainly, because it is the first thing that greets the people entering the room. The floor design sets the mood for the room too. The mood could be romantic, modern, traditional, country, or casual. Therefore, it is important to select just the right floor covering. Fortunately, carpeting is one of the most versatile floor covering available today and available at our own carpet Dumfries VA location. Visit First American Carpet near Dumfries VA for a great selection of high quality carpets.

Carpeting Advantages

At our custom carpet store in Dumfries VA, customers realize that there are limitless carpet selections. Our carpet customers realize that the top advantages to carpet flooring include the wonderful designs that match just about any decor, super easy to install over existing subfloors, and safer for family members.

Should Custom Carpet Dumfries VA Customers Select Only Carpeting?

Well, our custom carpet Dumfries VA customers would probably say “yes” to that question. Our custom carpet store near Dumfries VA has our customers looking for affordable floor covering. Certainly, many would like to save money, but to still install quality flooring in the home. Carpeting is the answer. Carpeting is also soft and very safe for kids, pets, and older family members. Contact our First American Carpet store near Dumfries VA and ask our customer service representatives for more information.


We are a custom carpet store near and around Dumfries VA and we assure that any customer who purchases from us, will be thoroughly satisfied! It is also important to have the carpets professionally cleaned and vacuumed on a regular basis. With proper care and maintenance, carpets should last a long time.

We are a top carpet store near Dumfries VA. Contact us for more information today on installing quality carpeting.

Benefits of Installing Hardwood Floor in Dumfries VA

hardwood flooring dumfries vaWhen installing floors in your home, you should consider hardwood near Dumfries VA as your flooring material choice if you want a distinguished and elegant look. A hardwood floor by First American Carpet near Dumfries VA makes your house look elegant, beautiful and well enhanced. These floors have several benefits over other types of flooring materials and some of them are discussed below.


There are several varieties of hardwood floors located around Dumfries VA. They are available in the market and one can get to see the various samples available before making up their final decision. There are many types of hardwood First American Carpet offers around Dumfries VA. It is from these hardwoods that these different hardwood floors varieties arise. This offers the consumer with a wide range of options to choose from to ensure that they get the hardwood floor that will match their décor and style


As the name suggests, hardwood offered near Dumfries VA refers to a wood that is very hard and thus capable of resisting pests and wear for a long time. This makes it possible for them to last for many years to come. This makes hardwood floor near Dumfries VA to be a perfect flooring option as floors made out of them will last for many years to come due to their capability to resist harsh conditions and pests.

Less Maintenance

Hardwoods require very little maintenance to have them look fresh and new. This is also the same case to floors made out of hardwood, they require less maintenance when compared to other flooring types. Simple tasks such as mopping and sweeping are all that it takes to have the floor looking spick and span on a regular maintenance basis.


As the hardwood floor near Dumfries VA is made from natural materials, it is healthy to use as there are no toxins inhaled into our bodies. It is very hard for a hardwood floor from First American Carpet in Dumfries VA floor to trap dangerous allergens that can affect people, especially those with allergies. This is the biggest advantage of hardwood floors making it the best flooring type choice for people who have allergies.

Features of Laminate Flooring in Dumfries VA

laminate flooring dumfries vaIt’s stronger and more appealing than most floor materials in the market.  It offers extra durability, easier maintenance and fortunately for homeowners, laminate flooring is cheaper than other options.

Laminate floor material possess customization qualities and are therefore made to duplicate other materials such as wood and marble. The laminate material is quite resistant from the effects of wear and tear, stains and oxidation by sunlight.

When it comes to your daily cleaning routines, no amount of chemicals and detergent can ruin the floor work. Even the vacuum cleaners do a thorough cleaning job.

Why You Should Choose Laminate Flooring

Our laminate flooring by First American Carpet and located around Dumfries VA, serves to provide you with the best quality laminate in the market. We can install laminate in old renovation floors as well as new buildings in Dumfries VA. The laminate we install in Dumfries VA and surrounding areas can match well on all types of floor.

We are the best laminate Dumfries VA flooring company at First American Carpet.

Our exceptional standards of operation and quality of service endear clients to us. Designed specifically for installation on virtually any surface, our laminate layers give the perfect finishing touch. Our qualified experts make sure your floor takes perfect shape.

First American Carpet and Floors also guarantees you the regular inspection and maintenance drills upon installation. If you are looking for floor options to laminate in Dumfries VA and surrounding areas, make a point of consulting our clients. They will confirm the superiority of our laminate flooring.

Why You Should Consider Ceramic Floors in Dumfries VA

ceramic tile flooring Dumfries VACeramic flooring is a great flooring option that can help your home look great and even increase your home value. Ceramic flooring is a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, and yes even living rooms depending on your style and your needs.

Here are some reasons why ceramic tile is a great option:

  • Low maintenance. Ceramic floors require low maintenance.
  • Easy to clean. These types of flooring are extremely easy to clean. A steam mop is a good option to use on ceramic flooring near Dumfries VA.
  • Environmentally friendly. If you are green conscious, ceramic floors are the choice for you.
  • Affordability. Since there are so many options when it comes to ceramic flooring around Dumfries VA, you will have no trouble finding the flooring that will work the best for your budget.
  • Durability. Ceramic floors are extremely durable and will hold up to heavy usage unlike carpet and other types of flooring.
  • Bountiful color and style choices. No matter what colors or what style you want, you are sure to find it with ceramic near Dumfries VA.
  • Heated option. With ceramic flooring, you can decide to have a heating system put in that will allow the floors to be heated.

Where to Install

While you can install ceramic floors anywhere in your home, the most common locations are the kitchen and the bathroom. In the bathroom and kitchen, ceramic flooring located near Dumfries VA is a good idea because it helps to prevent water damage and allows for easy clean up. Adding ceramic in your home near Dumfries VA not only will help to protect your kitchen and bathroom, but will also help to increase your property values. If you plan on selling your home at any time in the future, it is suggested that you put in ceramic flooring to help increase the salability of your home.

Here at First American Carpet, we work hard to help you find the best ceramic in Dumfries VA. Call us today to speak with us about how we can help you pick the right ceramic flooring.

Granite Countertops

Granite has been a go-to countertop material for years and has been a popular choice due to its high quality and durability. There are several perks to choosing granite countertops at First American Carpet and they are:

Granite countertops add value to your home as well as a sleek and finished look. Several prospective buyers look for homes that already have granite countertops installed.

Here are some benefits that countertops provide:

  • Countertops act as a good sanitation station. They are easy to clean and do not breed any bacteria. For a kitchen or bathroom area, this is encouraged!
  • Resistant to heat. Due to granite’s naturally cool state, they do not require heating pads if a hot plate is set down on it.
  • Granite is durable and very resistant to scratches. It can also withstand temperature and climate changes if they are placed outside. So easily use your granite inside or out!

Contact us for more granite countertop information

If you’re looking to upgrade your home’s look to the next level, contact First American Carpet Dumfries VA to speak with one of our representatives. We will help you find the right granite solution for you!

Ask anyone who loves to cook what his or her ideal kitchen should have, and you will undoubtedly hear granite countertops Why the allure to granite countertops? Because granite counters look great and add a level of style and sophistication that no other countertops can. It is no wonder why so many homeowners are looking for great deals on stunning granite counter tops.

People love the look of granite countertops in Dumfries VA, and often design their kitchen specifically around the countertop they choose.

The elegant, rich look of granite is perfect for kitchens of distinction, and can be surprisingly affordable when ordered directly from the manufacturer. Homeowners are sometimes surprised at how easy and affordable it is to upgrade their kitchens with these great counter tops.

Beautiful granite countertops in Dumfries VA are easy to clean and look great for generations. They offer the perfect blend of style and function. In addition to giving you a great looking kitchen, granite countertops add instant value to your home. Homebuyers often make a beeline to the kitchen, as it is the heart of every home and a pivotal focal point in buying one. The right kitchen can also help the overall value of your home. Few home improvements offer you the same return on investment as granite countertops.